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xmas tree recycling Louth Rotary Club

Louth and Area Charity Christmas Tree Collection 2020

The Rotary Club of Louth's sixth year collecting real Christmas Trees for charity.

Serving the town of Louth in Lincolnshire and its surrounding villages.

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This year's Christmas Tree collection will take place over the weekend of 11th and 12th January 2020.

Why use us?

  • No needles in your car to clean up.
  • Your Christmas Tree is collected from your doorstep.
  • Easy solution to dispose of your tree.
  • All proceeds go to charity.
  • No businesses profit from our collection, all resources are freely given.
  • Trees will be chipped and the resulting mulch will be used on our St Mary's Lane garden project in Louth.
  • Your tree will be put to good use both financially, by supporting local charities, and environmentally.

Don't take your Christmas Tree to the tip!

Let us recycle it for you and help us raise money for charity

Book your tree today!

Who benefits?

The proceeds from our Christmas Tree Collection this year will be donated to the Louth St. Barnabas Hospice and our own selected Local Charities.

Through the course of the year The Rotary Club of Louth helps many local organisations either with hands on support or by fund raising. Organisations and charities are carefully vetted and their needs assessed. Quite often the money given is for a specific purpose and we like to keep track of how the funds have been spent and how successful the project has been.There are a number of small organisations and charities in the area that need our support. Local Government funding has been reduced or even stopped completely so any support we can give is very important for these charities. We ask for a minimum donation of £5.00 per tree, but of course you can donate more if you wish. Please help us to make this year the best ever!

Don't have a tree to recycle?
Then how about donating £6.00 to help our local charities on our GoFundMe page.
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area of louth charity christmas tree collection

Where do we collect?

We can collect your tree or trees from anywhere in Louth in Lincolnshire and its surrounding villages.

Click on the map for a bigger view.

The shaded area on the map gives a good idea of how far we go. If you have a good number of trees to collect - 10 plus - we can go a little further.

Perhaps you can galvanise your village into action and arrange for a local collection point from where trees may be collected. Give me a ring for advice.

To book your tree(s):

Click here to book your tree online.


Phone Paul Firth - 01507 602298

What happens to the trees?

In the past we have either chipped the trees for garden mulch or used them to support the river banks in Hubbards Hills.

They have even been used for sand-dune stablilisation along the coast near Mablethorpe.

This year the trees will be chipped and the mulch used on our St Mary's Lane garden project in Louth.

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