Essential Information

Please read this important information which will give you all the details of the Christmas Tree Collection Scheme.

When will the collection take place?

The Collecton will take place over the weekend of the 11th and 12th January 2020.

When is the last date I can book my tree?

By 5.00pm on Thursday 9th January. This allows us time to sort out where the trees are located and organise the routes for our collectors.

Where should I leave my tree?

Please leave your tree at the front of your property where it can easily be seen from the road. Please do not obstruct public pavements as the trees may pose a hazard to pedestrians. If you are unable to leave your tree where we can spot it easily then please leave some details on the Collect my Tree Form detailing where we can find it.

How can I give you my donation?

Please put your donation - minimum of £6.00 - into a polythene bag and discreetly attach it to the tree. Cheques should be made payable to: The Rotary Club of Louth.

You can also donate on our GoFundMe page here.

How do I know it is Louth Rotary Club who has just picked up my tree?

All our Collectors will wear Hi-Viz yellow vests with the Louth Rotary Club logo on the back.

When will you collect my tree?

I'm afraid because of the large amount of trees to be collected we cannot give a day or an accurate time. Most of the trees will be collected on the Saturday with some spilling over onto the Sunday. If your tree hasn't been collected by 5.00pm on Sunday please contact Paul Firth here.

What happens to my tree?

Your tree will be taken to our central collection point and recycled in an environmenally friendly manner.

What happens to my donation?

All the proceeds after expenses from the Christmas Tree Collection will be donated to Louth St. Barnabas Hospice and selected local charities. We like to support smaller charities which probably don't have the national recognition of the big organisations.
We try to keep expenses to an absolute minimum to raise as much as we can for our charities. Several companies offer the use of their trucks, vehicles and trailers for free as well as the vehicles of our Rotary Members. All our collectors are volunteers doing this in their own time.
£6.00 is the suggested minimum donation but if you would like to give more for this very worthwhile cause we would be very happy!

Can I or my company sponsor the Scheme?

Yes, of course you can! We are always looking for people, organisations and companies who can help us with the scheme. Please contact Paul Firth.